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6th September 2007, 12:19
Hi everyone,

I have a couple of personal projects that I wish to commence and I was looking to see if anyone could offer me some

Project 1: Die based soccer game

When I was younger, I used to play this game that I designed. The game went as followed.

There were 16 teams
11 players per side

The die was rolled. The first two rolls determined how many shots each team would have on goal. From then on, each roll would determine if a goal would be scored. To score a goal a 1 or a 6 had to be rolled.

If a 1 or 6 was rolled, two dice would be rolled to determine the player who scored the goal.

Once all shots had been taken, the team with the most goals wins.

This information would then be presented in a league style table.

The other additional sections of the game are:

* At the beginning of the first season, each player is worth $1M. Each club starts with $11M to buy players. Each time a player scores a goal, his worth increases by $1M.

* At the end of each match, the man of the match award is distributed to a player. Firstly, a die is rolled to determine which team the player plays for. The second roll determines the player. For each MOTM award, his worth increases by $1M.

* At the end of each season, the teams are awarded more money to buy players for the next season. These are distributed in a descending fashion.

At this point, this is all I want to implement. I have many other ideas for this, but atm I just want the basic game working.

Project 2: Fourier Transform of songs

I have just recently purchased DJ gear, and I am beginning to realise that I wish to be able to separate the lyrics from the beat. Using Fourier transforms, this is possible.

What I wish to do is this:

Open the wav of a song
Examine a section of the song
Display: The frequencies present during that section and their amplitude

With this information, I can use a knockout technique to lift vocals from the beat and vice versa. To do this I have realised that if I play a section of a song which does not contain the vocals, I can determine the bass lineand guitar frequencies etc and then cancel these. If there are any frequencies that overlap with the vocals, the
amplitudes given will allow me to cancel them to a certain point as to leave the vocals intact.

I have had experience with:


If anyone knows how or knows of someone who has already done this or can help me accomplish this, let me know :)

Cheers! :thumbs:

6th September 2007, 12:33
The die based soccer game sounds like a cool idea and could be easily turned into a simple commercial game as I can imagine a lot of football fans would love to play it. The basic rules you have already set out would work really well and are not too hard to implement and use. Often paper and dice type games become quite bloated with advanced rules, so trying to keep it simple is the key to success as it will reduce arguments between players when they are playing the game and using the rules.

This idea could be taken further with an online element which could work quite well. You could setup an online league where players could input the results from their games so that the other players in the league could access them and see what each members players are currently worth, results of each match etc... And members of the site would be able to look at different leagues and their results.

You could even take this further and create an online game using Flash or Java.

Also what about this idea? Get the idea mapped out and planned (and copyrighted), then market it to the makers of Computer Football management games. If they like the idea it could be launched commercially as the paper and dice version of "Football Manager" or other similar games. Good idea?

Not sure about the audio as I don't really have much to do with audio. But maybe you could achieve this using Adobe Audition 2? If you want to try out a copy let me know.

6th September 2007, 12:42
I'd say Java would be suitable for the die-based game. It's basically a random number generator with some maths to do the values. Doing it in Java would make it fairly easy to port to mobile phones.

6th September 2007, 12:48
Yea I guess it would. I have tried it in C and almost cracked it, but it fell over in a couple places. Would have to touch up on my Java skills. :thumbs:

Sounds good to market, but first need a working copy :)

6th September 2007, 12:54
That would be a great idea. Have it running on mobile phones would definitely be a big hit with football fans. I could imagine many people playing that on their way to a match. Nice idea Alex.

Taking it even further you could implement mobile networking via bluetooth so that two players competing in a match could play against each other via their mobiles. That way, anyone could challenge any though mobile user to a game and have their match results to hand on their own mobile. And even upload their results via WAP to their account on the main site.

I know this is getting away from the initial paper and dice game idea. But could be a good expansion to the idea and could work really well, while not needing much processing power so most mobiles would easily be able to run it. Just create some nice football graphics to make it look nice.

With the player value based on goals scored you could even introduce a player transfer system like a card game so that players could exchange their players with other players teams to build a better team.

One thing I noticed in your initial rules is that although you have a player worth system in place, there is no benefit or advantage to it. Therefore I think you would need to add a luck factor into this to increase the change of a goal when a player who is worth more is taking the goal. So if you had a play who is worth 10M taking the shot then they might have more luck than a player only worth 1M. Therefore this could add an extra change to the dice roll so that player will score if they roll a 1 or 6 as usual, but in addition if the player rolls a 2 they get another shot at the goal (that way it wouldn't make it quite so easy to score). But rolling another 2 wouldn't give then another chance. Good idea? This would make a good reason for having the player value system on the game.

6th September 2007, 12:59
Yes, Im liking these ideas. I know that there is no benefit for having more expensive players, but I was planning on introducing that feature later, but atm nothing going, so dont want it too complex just yet. Im liking that card/ player transfer system. That would be cool. You could use real players from world soccer, or use imaginary players. Most of my player names are from Theme Hospital.

6th September 2007, 13:17
Just a quick point on using real players and clubs - you can't (legally) do that without a licence. You'll have to have slightly modified PES style names ("David Buckham" and "Mark Vikuda") and just use city names instead of the full club titles.

6th September 2007, 13:35
Similar to Sensible Soccer! Now how cool would that be. A retro Sensible Soccer version of the game. ;)

6th September 2007, 23:32
Oh wow! That would be really cool!! I could do that. Which version should I use? I also have the one on PS2 so that is up to date. Also, what do I have to download to use Java, I've forgotten :p

7th September 2007, 00:01
Also, what do I have to download to use Java, I've forgotten :p

The J2SE SDK and an IDE (Netbeans or whatever you're used to using)

7th September 2007, 02:35
Ok, I have installed J2SE SDK. I have installed jGrasp, nano.....but when I try to compile I get an error saying that javac is not a recognised command....?