View Full Version : Amikit+Amiga0s 3.9 ok! Boing patch not ok

3rd September 2007, 10:29
Hi everyone,
this weekend i was able to install amikit and AMigaOs3.9

I had to unistall my version of winuae, and let amikit install it's own version otherwise it would not work (?)
so, i unistall, and amikit did it. He asked me for the AMiga OS3.9 and he made the instalation.

It works fine! i can have in winuae 8mb ram for the rom 3.1 (A1200).

But then i tried the Boing 1 and 2. i download it. (lha files) and i placed them in amikit.
I decompress the lha files (it went fine) and then i have some files and directories but not icon, or whatever that i can run.

Long time i dont work with workbench, so what is the equivalent to install.exe ???

how do i install boing??


3rd September 2007, 14:05
Regarding WinUAE, you can run both on the same system, but don't install WinUAE using the exe download. Instead download the zip version and just extract it to a directory on your system and then run it using the WinUAE.exe file. Should allow you to have both on your system at once.