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  1. Welcome to the new Classicamiga Forums
  2. Pager feature added to the forum
  3. CMS Portal added to the forum
  4. Members Map Added
  5. Quiz feature added to forum
  6. Poster of the Month is back
  7. Quiz 1 now online
  8. Classicamiga Weekly Lottery launched!
  9. Gaming gifts now available
  10. More games added to the Arcade
  11. Quiz 1 will be closed on Friday night
  12. Reviews needed on the main site
  13. First forum awards given out
  14. TiredOfLife Wins Poster of the Month January 2007
  15. Games section finished
  16. Quiz 2 now online
  17. Rayzorblue wins Poster of the Month for February
  18. Quiz 2 now closed
  19. Updates to main site go live!
  20. Quiz 3 now online
  21. Demon Cleaner wins Poster of the Month April 2007
  22. Classicamiga has moved home!
  23. Sorry for the downtime
  24. Teho Wins Poster of the Month May 2007
  25. Classicamiga Top 100!!!
  26. Most people online???
  27. v85rawdeal Wins Poster of the Month June 2007
  28. Quiz 3 will be closed soon
  29. NEW! Advanced search added to game and demo sections!
  30. Everybody say HEY!
  31. POTM v85rawdeal Wins Poster of the Month July 2007
  32. Quiz News Quiz 4 now online
  33. Help! Classicamiga fund raising
  34. POTM J T Wins Poster of the Month August 2007
  35. Amiga News Back to the Roots online again
  36. POTM FOL wins Poster of the Month for September
  37. POTM v85rawdeal wins Poster of the Month again!
  38. CA News Classicamiga featured in Hype!
  39. Merry Christmas everyone
  40. POTM Demon Cleaner Wins Poster of the Month for November 2007
  41. POTM Steve Wins Poster of the Month December 2007!!!
  42. POTM Buleste Wins Poster of the Month January 2008!
  43. Quiz News Some great new Amiga Quizzes for you to try!
  44. CA News The Classicamiga Software Directory
  45. POTM v85rawdeal wins Poster of the Month again!
  46. Competition Hiscore Competition results
  47. Quiz News Quiz 4 will be closed
  48. Update! Classicamiga Forum upgrade
  49. Quiz News Quiz 4 closed
  50. Update! Triple Triad! Plus a new points system!
  51. POTM March and April POTM both go to...
  52. Update! Mobile Skin added to the forums
  53. Server Issues Database problems
  54. CA News KGWHD Packs available from classicamiga!
  55. POTM May, June and July Poster of the Month awards go to...
  56. POTM Zetr0 wins the August Poster of the Month award!
  57. POTM Burns Flipper wins September Poster of the Month
  58. Server Issues Server downtime
  59. Fund raising
  60. Update! New user restrictions added
  61. Competition Twintris hiscore competition winners!
  62. Quiz News Classicamiga Quiz 5 is drawing to a close
  63. Competition AmigaManiac Quiz - Your chance to win some special hardware!
  64. CA News Main site upgrade in progress
  65. Happy New Year
  66. Update! The CA Forum has been updated...
  67. New! Thread Descriptions
  68. The loss of a loved one
  69. Competition Design a classicamiga banner
  70. CA News We are back!
  71. Quiz News Quiz 6 now started
  72. New! Moonstone Tavern comes to classicamiga
  73. Amiga News Commodore Vegas Expo v5.0
  74. CA News Classicamiga hits 12 million!
  75. Update! Forum visual update
  76. Amibay.com is moving home
  77. New! The Top 100 Amiga Games of all Time
  78. Server Issues Classicamiga Wiki fixed
  79. Update! P G changes his name
  80. Update! Classicamiga forums major update schedule
  81. To our Japanese members
  82. Update! New Server!
  83. Server Issues Classicamiga server hacked
  84. Say hello to Thomas Jack
  85. Amiga News MindCandy Vol. 2: Amiga Demos - Free Download now available!
  86. Server Issues Amibay.com currently offline
  87. New! Tapatalk and Forum Runner support!
  88. Update! Arcade finally working again
  89. Play Expo 2012
  90. A500 PPC Running Amiga OS4
  91. Armiga Project A500 in a box.
  92. CA News International Amiga Day
  93. Amiga News AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition: Now Shipping to Dealers
  94. Amiga News New Amiga Game: Love Dungeon
  95. Amiga News A-EON Acquire the rights for Image FX
  96. Important! Classicamiga will be offline on the 16.02.2015 for scheduled server work
  97. New! Amiga Elite on Android
  98. Server Issues classicamiga server downtime today
  99. Downtime
  100. Shines a big 'H' symbol into the sky
  101. New! Hello world
  102. Pleasuredome closed