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MechaPoitier is the new Donkey Kong champion!
21:29, 20th Sep 2016
MechaPoitier is the new Ace Blackjack champion!
21:23, 20th Sep 2016
MechaPoitier is the new Znax champion!
19:19, 18th Sep 2016
MechaPoitier is the new Yeti Sports 1- Bloody Pingu champion!
14:50, 18th Sep 2016
MechaPoitier is the new pursuit champion!
18:05, 17th Sep 2016

Arcade Champions

1st Bloodwych with 10 awards.
1st MechaPoitier with 10 awards.
3rd Phantom with 9 awards.
4th flimbo with 5 awards.
5th Submeg with 4 awards.

Latest Scores

MechaPoitier scored 6,549 playing Speed Biker
MechaPoitier scored 12,495 playing Sea Dogs

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Welcome to the ClassicRetro Arcade. We hope you have great fun playing these games and trying to get the high scores.

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  1. Donkey Kong Add to Favorites Donkey Kong
    The old Nintendo classic.

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  2. JetPac Add to Favorites JetPac
    Jetman has crash-landed on a distant planet, with ledges suspended in mid-air and populated by various nasties, and he must escape and find his way home. Your first task is to retrieve each of the three parts of his spaceship, in order, and carry them over the base part. After this, you must collect enough fuel to be able to fly away, again by picking it up and dropping it over the ship (you don't have to actually make contact with the ship in doing this). Once you've filled the ship up, you can fly on to the next level, in which you must again refuel.
  3. SD - Thrust Add to Favorites SD - Thrust
    Can you land your ship before your fuel runs out?

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