• Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition

    Some great news. An updated enhanced version of the famous Baldur's Gate is about to be released!


    Featuring updated and enhanced graphics, a new additional adventure, new characters, over 400 improvements.

    Also, for the first time available on multiple platforms. The Windows PC version will be the first released, and is already available to be Pre-Loads. And coming later in the month will be versions for both iPad and Mac OS X.. and later an Android version.

    Improvements include:

    Enhanced Interface
    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition features an updated and improved interface that has native support for high resolution and widescreen displays. The iPad and Android Tablet versions both contain platform specific interface enhancements

    Improved Multiplayer
    Online multiplayer has been upgraded to include matchmaking functionality, and games can be played across multiple platforms. Adventurers on iPad, Mac, PC and Android Tablets can all play Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition together.

    Core Game Improvements
    The Enhanced Edition of Baldur's Gate has been given an extensive overhaul. The original source code has been cleaned up and improved, sped up, and now has support for modern platforms. Over 400 issues from the original game have been found and fixed.

    Baldur's Gate 2 Features
    All of the additions and improvements from Baldur's Gate 2: The Shadows of Amn have been brought to Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition. Now you can use class kits, new subraces and classes that were previously unavailable.

    New Cinematics
    All of the Baldur's Gate cinematics have been replaced with beautifully hand painted animated cinematics, directed by Nat Jones.

    Ongoing Support
    Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition
    will continue to receive improvements after release, along with continued support for the vibrant mod community that has helped it remain so popular for so long.
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